• June 13, 2024

Greycoat Real Estate Endorses AI-Powered WhatsApp Tool for Enhanced House Hunting Experience

AI-powered tools are disrupting many industries and the real estate property market is the latest in the trend, Greycoat specialists comment. The new technology is a WhatsApp communication tool operating 24/7 to help customers with housing inquiries and ultimately enhance their house-hunting experience.

Developed by SMS Speedway, the digital twin technology aims to provide accurate and immediate responses to property details at any moment, to customers who ask for them, whether a property agent is online or offline. With this new tool, Greycoat informs, buyers and sellers will get access to information including details about the nearby amenities such as:

Bus routes, schools, local leisure and dining options, and parks. According to SMS Speedway firmĀ“s CEO Bradley Kieser, the app contains information about the local community so consumers can get a feel of life in their new home even before they set foot there. And this is when Greycoat specialists come in handy.

The company aims to engage, inform, and reassure customers with gold-standard services through the innovative power of AI. Greycoat Real Estate, the prime real estate partner in London lauds this disruptive technology as a smart move that is ideal for the real estate property market.

The technology has the potential to offer real estate agents a competitive edge in the property market where communication is critical.

Its unique features will be crucial in helping address inquiries automatically and on time. Imagine sleeping at night and waking up to open doors to a property to clients who obtained gold-standard services from the app. With the popularity of WhatsApp, Greycoat real estate agency specialists finally comment, this app is good for offering support and reassurance to sellers and buyers.