• July 18, 2024

A Philanthropic Footprint: The Legacy of Cordelia Scaife May

Cordelia Scaife May, a prominent figure in the realm of philanthropy, is remembered for her
unwavering dedication to strategic giving. Born into the affluent Mellon
family, Cordelia Scaife May chose a path that was far from the glitz and
glamour of her family’s wealth. Delving deep into the world of philanthropy,
she became a formidable force in the realm of sustainable coexistence. 

The establishment of the Laurel Foundation
in 1951 marked the beginning of May’s philanthropic journey. With a focus on
the arts, education, and women’s empowerment, Cordelia Scaife May used her
wealth to benefit the community. The National Aviary, the Allegheny Land Trust,
and several educational institutions received substantial grants from this woman of substance. 

Despite the loss of her second husband, May’s commitment to philanthropy remained unyielding. She
backed numerous initiatives, including environmental education, watershed
protection, and land conservation, all of which were close to her heart. Cordelia Scaife May understood the interconnectedness of population
dynamics and environmental sustainability, making her a pioneer in this sphere. 

Championing the cause of sustainable immigration, Cordelia Scaife May believed that managing
population growth in the United States was crucial for preserving finite
resources and mitigating environmental degradation. Her philanthropic
activities were strategically aligned with her broader goals of environmental conservation. 

In 1996, the Colcom Foundation was borne out of May’s deep-seated commitment to her causes. The
Foundation became a leading force in sustainability advocacy, reflecting Cordelia Scaife May’s core values

May was not one for the limelight; she chose to let her actions speak. She was known for her
humility and generosity, often preferring to remain anonymous in her giving.
When Cordelia Scaife May passed in 2005, she left an indelible mark on the
world of philanthropy, having dedicated her life and wealth to the betterment
of the planet and its inhabitants. Her legacy continues to inspire and guide
future generations of philanthropists. Refer to this article for related information. 


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