Bob Renia Brings Marketiing Expertise to Rebranded HuffPost

Talk Fusion has built it’s reputatation on being marketing experts and CEO Bob Renia is a big part of that. Renia’s expertise has lent it self to a partnership with HuffPo, which recently rebranded itself after being known as Huffington Post.


As experts in branding and marketing Talk Fusion understands the iportance of rebranding and how it can be useful in connecting with your customers. As companies grow and change, it is important to make sure that your brand represents who you are as a company in order to best connect with the right customers. As HuffPo grows and changes they will continue to support the company and reach out to its audience.


As CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Renia has written a number of articles that have helped to highlight his and his company’s expertise, including a recent article on HuffPo, Promoting With Purpose. In this article Renia discusses how to understand who your customers are and how this fits into your brand, as well as the importance of staying ahead of your competators.


Renia believes in innovation, and this belief is at the core of his business, Talk Fusion. Everything they do as a company and the way they approach marketing is reflected in this core belief.


Talk Fusion is the creator and marketer of the world’s first all-in-one Video Marketing Soltion, and CEO Bob Renia has been with the company since it was first concieved. Their all-in-one Video Marketing Solution offers small and large business the opportunity to get thier message out to a wide range of customers in the most efficient, cost effective way.


Renia first concieved the Video Marketing Solution as a way to attach videos to e-mails in order to share them with colegues. He worked with the best and most innovative digitial media specialists and programmers in order to solve a problem that top experts told him could not be done. Along the way he studied marketing and adapted his design so that it could become a comprehensive solution for small and large businesses that want to reach costomers in the most cutting edge ways possible. Learn more: