Betsy DeVos Involvement in Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is not just an ordinary career woman. The people who have known her for the last thirty years can attest to this. The businesswoman is known to be one of the greatest reformers that are living in the United States. This behavior started many years ago when Betsy was studying to acquire her degree at the prestigious Calvin College. While still in campus, the businesswoman chose to take her vocation and at the same time get involved in the politics in the college. This was the start of her career in politics, and she has never looked back. For the last thirty years, the businesswoman has been an iconic figure in the American politics, serving the country in several platforms. The businesswoman has served in various party organizations as a leader, political action committees and led some successful campaigns in the country. Just recently, the businesswoman was fortunate to acquire the prestigious position of secretary of education in the country.


Getting a secretary position of education in the United States is not a walk in the park. The right candidate is first nominated by the president then approved by the Senate. To get the position, the candidate in question must prove to the senate that they have all the qualifications to take the country to better and greater heights. Betsy got her position because of several reasons. First of all, the businesswoman has been very passionate and dedicated to change the education system in the country, and she has done a lot to make the lives of students better. For many years, Betsy and her family have been using huge sums of money to support educational causes in the country and other parts of the globe.


Her husband, Dick DeVos has been playing a fundamental role in her great career. Dick went through the public education system, although his parents were among the wealthiest individuals in the world. While studying, the businessman discovered the challenges the students were facing, especially those from middle-class families have to face so that they can get education and change the lives of the society around them. The businessman vowed to change the education system, and his wife has assisted him to make the impact he has been dreaming of.


Dick DeVos has had a great and successful career too. Apart from being an influential philanthropist in the United States, Dick DeVos has played a major function in the success of the family business. While working as the president and vice president of the international company, DeVos ensured that the sales of the company grew domestically and internationally. The company opened several branches because of the contributions of the businessman.


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