Being Pardoned After Doing Wrong

What Americans Learned About Justice

The justice of American society follows a highly political structure. This nation stands today as a leading power within the world, yet journalists Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are challenging the U.S. society. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The challenge they propose is a result of steady violence, bigotry and apparent hate within the land. There’s a lot that U.S. society is learning.

The real lessons we’ve learned come through the example Jim and Mike made the night they were arrested from their homes. The writers were later released with a substantial compensation for damages done. The world was at shock. The shocking premiss deals with a corrupt Arizonian sheriff who only barely missed a long prison sentence.

He was pardoned by the U.S. president and at the shock of the American population.

There’s A Long Road Ahead

No matter what progress was made by Mike and Jim, there’s a longer road to tread for U.S. equality. The issues these men faced come about due to freedom of speech. The journalists were being intimidated after publishing revealing content within a city newspaper. The rights of speech in the American continent are often looked at with high regards. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The reality is different when those laws are put into practice. Exercising the rights you have as an American citizen reveals a challenging truth.

The freedoms we preach about are not as free as we would assume they are. We think of Mike and Jim’s conflict to open our eyes to the realities and difficulties of living in the United States at this day and age.

Fighting For What You Believe In

Belief stems from what you see possible in the world, for yourself or another. We need belief in order to continue our march forward in life. Hearing the story of Joe Arpaio brings closure to the unfair developments stirring within the U.S. nation. This sheriff accused American citizens of illegally using the rights they have within freedom of speech.

The officer was also found at fault in the end. The manipulations of his power revealed to the country the types of dangers that exist. We are not only in danger because of mass shootings and corrupt political leaders. There are criminals who target the rights we have listed in our constitution. The work of journalists Jim and Mike become a beacon of light that we now rely on.

The Formation of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Armed deputies from the “Selective Enforcement Unit” of Maricopa County governed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey on October 18, 2007. The two reporters were removed out of their homes in Phoenix and ushered into SUVs with Mexican number plates and dark tinted windows. The two were taken to two separate jails all under Sheriff Joe. The arrest orders were given by the sheriff who referred to himself as “America’s Toughest Sheriff.” The sheriff was angered by news reports from the Phoenix Times that uncovered his evil deeds.


The Phoenix Times reported on the sheriff’s male-controlled role of instilling and posing political superiority in Arizona. The newspaper also exposed the mismanagement and financial irregularities that were rampant in the Arpaio’s office. Moreover, the newspaper covered reports on the mistreatments and death if inmates, illegal detention and racial profiling of Latinos.


Larkin and Lacey were arrested because of their story at Phoenix New Times that showed how Arpaio violated the constitution. The sheriff’s friends at the office of the Attorney of Maricopa County had issued orders seeking personal details of writer and editors. Larkin and Lacey were later on released after spending 24 hours in jail.


The Maricopa county sued the two Phoenix Time co-founded. The lawsuit basis was on the First Amendment rights and abuse of power. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals termed the grand jury order of seeking private information of writers and editors of the Phoenix News Times invalid. This is because the prosecutor had violated certain legal procedures in the act. In 2013, the appellate court ordered the Maricopa County to pay Larkin and Lacey a settlement fee of $3.7 million for the illegal detention.


Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey used all the settlement money paid to them to establish the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The fund organization was set to help the Hispanic community that suffered racial profiling in Arizona. The organization also funds other non-profit organizations that fight for the immigration and civil rights of the Hispanic community. The organization is still continuing to help fight for the rights of the Hispanic people.