Roberto Santiago: Manaira’s Developer and Owner

Roberto Santiago has always had great business ideas, and it is evident in the success he has had with all of his businesses. He knows how to create a business and also knows how to run the business. Because of the opportunities Roberto Santiago has created for different businesses, he knows he can continue to be successful with the mall he has. The Manaira Mall was an idea he had in the 1980’s, and it grew into something that is so much more than a typical mall. Roberto Santiago knew exactly what he needed to do to help other people out, and he worked hard to get to that point. The mall is a direct result of the dedication that comes from having a solid vision and knowing exactly what he needed to do to help people out who were in the Manaira area. For Roberto Santiago to do this, he had to be sure he was prepared for different opportunities.


When Roberto Santiago was planning for the Manaira Mall, he knew he would have to make some changes if he wanted to show people what they could get from different situations. He also knew he would need to do something different from what other people were offering on their own terms. As long as Roberto Santiago was doing what he could to help people, he knew he would need to make major changes in the way the business worked. The mall had to be different from all the other malls in Brazil.


The idea of Manaira being the place to host the best mall in Brazil was laughable to some, but Roberto Santiago knew he would do it the right way. He built the mall in a way that set it apart from other malls around the country. He also did what he could to show people the right way to make all the best choices for the malls they had. While Roberto Santiago was building Manaira, he knew he could show people everything that would work best for the people who were in different situations.


As soon as Manaira Mall was built, Roberto Santiago started to see the results of the hard work he put in. He was successful and it showed in the options he had. The mall continued to be a positive option for people who wanted to shop. It was also a way for people to enjoy all the different things they could do while they were shopping. Roberto Santiago knew what he was going to have to do to make things better for himself so that helped to set him apart from what other mall owners were doing to help keep their malls profitable.